The only one hand opening and dispensing monodose sachet/pouch
for liquid products worldwide.

Easysnap Technology has created Easysnap®, a monodose sachet with a worldwide patented opening system, unique and simple: it opens and dispenses product with only one hand.

Easysnap offers a new and innovative sachet opening solution for contents of your choice.


It’s never been so easy! Just pick a sachet, take it in your hand and break it open with one movement. No more long instructions how to open a sachet, no more bad surprises of the content splashing out, biting or tearing the sachet open with two hands. This simple solution helps to avoid all these unpleasant but frequent episodes in our everyday life.

New patented invention, under license of Easypack Solutions, lets you forget the conventional and uncomfortable sachets that never open properly. From now on you can offer your customers the best solutions up-to-date – easy opening sachets by Easysnap.

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